Turn Back Time: Saturn in Sagittarius Retrograde

Like most of the outer planets, Saturn is slow moving and takes a long time to travel through a sign. Even Saturn, which moves relatively fast as far the Karma planets go, spends several years in a sign (2 1/2 to be exact). During the course of that journey it engages in a period of a backward action, something in astrology known as a Retrograde. In the course of this motion the attributes and effects of the planet are reserved, urging one to engage in actions that are contrary to what one normally expects of that planet.

Saturn, the planet of rules and discipline will perform just such an action on April 6/5, 1:06am EDT/ 10:06pm. Saturn goes Retrograde every 12 month, remaining so for about 140 days (almost 5 months) and won’t go direct until August 25 8:08am EDT/ 6:06am PDT).

Saturn establishes the rules by which we live, creating structures, limitation and the laws that govern our world.  Unlike Venus’ transit, Saturn’s are tough, testing us to our limits, often at time when we believe are at the end of our strength. It is a stern and demanding taskmaster that doesn’t offer short cuts; a systematic, hard working, step by step approach is what you can expect from this planet and its transits. 

Sagittarius, the Philosopher of the zodiac, examines many mental possibilities to develop the best course of action. Sagittarius is a calculated risk taker, often leaping head first into an arena, in order to gain its knowledge through direct experience and observation.  

Saturn retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius may ask you to revisit some important past decision and choice in an effort acquire new knowledge and insights. You should keep in mind that this meditation may require much study and practice as this will be a 5 month process. Whatever Saturn lays in your path at this time is something you’ve left undone, requiring your full commitment. You might have to reinvestigate some past concern solely for the experience it provides or unlearn something you thought was settled in your mind. You may have to break rules to make new rules to follow.  Unfortunately, you won’t know that at onset. It may require rigorous reexamination and effort before you know what you should do regarding the matter.

To reiterate, this will be a long retrograde that require months before you know what the right course of action. And, because it is a retrograde, you may have to make numerous passes at the issue, encounter false starts and/or wait patiently while Saturn does its work in service to your ambitions. Sagittarius is a sign of mentorship and unorthodox modes of learning, so hard won experience will be the chief guide in the course of the next 5 months.

Retrogrades are times to address the problems but not to work them out. The real work comes once the retrograde is over so the next few month may provide a variety of solutions  to problems but the best course of action may only be apparent after August 25 , 8:08am EDT/ 6:06am PDT, when the Retrograde ends

Sagittarius, the last two years may have taught you very important lessons about dedication and endurance. This next 5 months may ask you to put those insights into effect number of ways. Again the retrograde may place greater expectation upon you but strengths you uncovered leading up to this retrograde may prove greater than you suspect.

Gemini, the burdensome energies you’ve endured of the last two years may have asked that root and dig through your deepest, inner resources. The next five months may show you how best to use those resources and the abilities you been working upon since Saturn began opposing your sun.

Pisces and Virgo, Saturn asked you to make some commitment, a demanding one that could only be sorted via trial and error.  While there will be a few more tests before you done, once this year is complete you’ll likely have achieved quite a few remarkable things.

While neither a simple nor easy retrograde, Saturn will allow you to remake some aspect of your life in way you want it to be.  Testing the rules and taking some calculated risk will make the next few months very productive.

Aeion is a professional astrologer and tarot card reader with 20+ years of experience. His approach is based in the belief that divination should be in employed to enhance ones' life experiences, not to predetermine them. Let Astrology and Tarot be your tools for better living.