Retrograde Recommendation

Retrograde recommendation: because the full moon and its potentially erratic have ended, the transit may ring up important questions for you to consider. What needs to bbe change? What serves you best? Make small adjustments at this time, leaving major changing untill after Dec 22.

The Mercury Retrograde has begun.

The Retrograde has begun. See you on the Other side(Dec 22)

In My Mind’s Eye: Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius

On December 3rd, 2017 Mercury, currently in the sign of Sagittarius, will (29 degrees) begin a Retrograde station at 5:34 EST/ 2:34 PST. Know as a Mercury retrograde, it will remain in this particular transit for a merciful short time period (3 weeks), concluding on December 22rd  8:50pm EST/ 5:50pm PST. Concurrent to this Retrograde will be A Full Moon in the Sign of Gemini. The Full Moon may lend a which dramatic, demands mental energy to this time, adding a intense element to the start of the Days of December 3-6.

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius may ask you to revisit some important past decision or choices  in an effort acquire new knowledge and insight. You might have to reinvestigate some past concern solely for the experience it provides or unlearn something you thought was settled in your mind. Unfortunately, you won’t know that at onset. It may require rigorous reexamination and reconnaissance.

Mercury, in astrology, governs thought, communications, ideas, short term travel and concepts. It represents the way we think, communicate and share our thinking. It embodies thought in conception and action

Sagittarius, the Philosopher of the zodiac, examines the many mental possibilities to develop the best course of action. Sagittarius is a calculated risk taker, often leaping head first into an arena in order to gain knowledge through direct experience and observation. At its best, Sagittarius is resourceful, insightful and romantic. At its worst, Sagittarius is reckless, scattered and impatient.

Mercury Retrogrades in Sagittarius is a time of reflection and review, where one is encouraged to reexamine important past issues in service to a new understanding. During the transit, your daily routines may be shaken up; you may encounter mental challenges, or be required to make some alternate plans to matter that were set in stone.  Expect to be distracted and made to improvise a great deal into the coming three weeks.   You may find unpredictability and randomness to be the order of the day.

Determine where you’ve allowed rote, mechanical thinking to supplant your intuition or sense of spontaneity. Bear in mind that Retrogrades are not the time to initiate new endeavors, but review past ones to aid you in decide what course to take once the Retrograde is over.  The information you uncover at this time should serve you in good stead in weeks following the end of the transit on December 22rd.

Mercury retrogrades are notorious for their affect upon devices of planning and communications. Telephones, computers, written message and contracts may experience problems during its passage.  Try not to initiate new projects or make commitment wherever possible at this time. Keep your focus upon existing concerns instead. In light of this transit it might be in your best interest to get a second opinion or an outside observer to help review your work. Reach out to those you trust and support your research with another set of eyes.

Sagittarius, this Mercury retrograde may raise the stakes on a number of issues from the past, providing indication of how your current thinking has changed in context. A flexible, open perceptive will provide useful insights in the coming weeks

Gemini, Tend to any of those concerns you neglected or overlooked. Examine the big picture to refine what routines and activities you should engage in that will refuel and restore you in the coming weeks during and after the Retrograde.

Pisces and Virgo, Some pressing need may require direct attention at this time, possible commanding your full attention. Address the matter with diligent and patience and this time could prove a most rewarding one.

Both Mercury and Sagittarius will encourage channeling your energies towards reviving or reinforcing past efforts and projects. This retrograde will ask you to rekindle something you deemed lost or unworkable. Use the next 3 weeks to delve in some past dreams or desires.

Aeion is a professional astrologer and tarot card reader with 20+ years of experience. His approach is based in the belief that divination should be in employed to enhance ones' life experiences, not to predetermine them. Let Astrology and Tarot be your tools for better living.

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Light of the Silvery Moon: Full Moon in Gemini

The Full Moon on the Dec 3 is special in a number of ways. Called the Cold Moon, It derives its name from the timing of this moon, winter and the long dark for many Native American cultures. It will also be a Supermoon. Supermoons are when the Moon is at it closest proximity to the earth, know as a PerigeeIt should shine 16 percent brighter and appear 7 percent larger than normal, enhancing its effects upon our affairs. And to top it off, it will begin on the same day Mercury goes Retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius

The sign Gemini represents the duality of conscious, the twin aspects of thought and conception. While Gemini can be concise, organized and long ranged in its thinking, it can also be chaotic, capricious and frivolous as well.  The Moon, in astrology, is concerned with needs such matters as food, security, and emotional support. The Gemini Full Moon is concerned with thinking and communicating upon matters related to the Moon; nourishment, security and emotional balance. 
As it is an airy moon or a moon influenced by an air sign, it is can be at odds with the emotional nature of the Moon. A hallmark of Gemini is detachment and the issues related to the Moon are all about deep emotional investment and commitment.  If you couple this with retrograde which opposes moon, at least initially, the next three days may provide conflicts and challenges related to how you can or should fulfill your feeling, needs and requirements.
You are urged to view any emerging issue with an eye towards the long term.  At the core of any internal debate you should place things into the categories of the pros and cons. Work to achieve practical solutions and feel out potential solutions. The emerging Retrograde will reinforce such an such an approach.

In Astrology, Full Moons are timse to initiate new projects, efforts and endeavors. And, employing Gemini’s gift for strategizing and planning, these next three days should be useful to any enterprise you are currently committed to in the long term past concerns. The upcoming Mercury Retrograde on December 3rd will may confound short term, new derived goals and plans, so adopt a go with the flow approach to your needs.

Gemini, the Full Moon may bring a variety of matters that’ll require quick decisions and may prove somewhat demanding. Where you can, prioritize and strive for achievable goals. The Retrograde will provide a lens on past issue that you should dwell on.

Sagittarius, in the coming week, important needs may present themselves seeking remedy.  The path that offers easy resolution is truly the way to go. The Full Moon may raise the stakes on these matters but stick to the path that provides an inventive, flexible approach and avoid the rigid, one way perspective can 
characterize matters related to the moon. The Retrograde may throw you a few curve balls so stay flexible.

Pisces and Virgos, some dilemma in life may assert in the coming week, requiring much of your attention. Rather than regarding it as a hindrance, embrace it as an opportunity to remove something might prove a greater challenge later on. Is there some need you’ve neglected? The Retrograde on Dec 3 will direct your attention to the long term related to a past issue.

The Cold Full Moon is the precursor to the coming winter, a time that requires preparation and commitment. If you address this times, with forethought and deliberation, it might just lead you to a period of comfort and plenty.
 Aeion is a professional astrologer and tarot card reader with 20 years of experience. His approach is based in the belief that divination should be in employed to enhance ones' life experiences, not to predetermine them. Let Astrology and Tarot be your tools for better living.

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Through the Watercouse;Beaver Full Moon in Taurus

The Full Moon in Taurus is time of examining our values and needs. Beginning on November 1st, it promises a time of sorting through what we own, determining whether it is valuable and whether its not.
Taurus, the sign the moon occupies currently, is a sign that places its emphasis on values, whether it’s an object which you possess or an opinion that you hold. The sign of Taurus shares many of the moon’s concerns namely food, shelter and emotional security. This lunar transit will bring to the forefront the question of values regarding your needs. How do you feel about the way earning your living? Do you feel valued in the important areas of your life?   The next three days will bring up these matters and ask you to make important decisions. Taurus, earth sign, is very emotional (its ruler is Venus) and may make this a very demanding time. The good news is that because Taurus is a very earthy sign, decision making should prove to practical, pragmatic and grounded in realistic expectations.
The Moon, in astrology, is concerned with needs such as food, security, and emotional support. So the Beaver/Taurus Full Moon ask you to decide what food would be most nutritious? Is this comfortable situation you find yourself in or not? Do you feel supported in a relationship? And so on.
Full moons, again, are good times for initiating or launching of projects. The waxing energy tends to promote and nurture such activities. It also provides numerous ways to achieve likely success. At this time, you’ll be directed to that which you care about most and ask to eliminate that which does not serve you.

Taurus, This Moon is going to ask you to assess both object and opinions. What do you need and what do you no longer need? As this is a time of harvest, cultivate what is most useful to you and dispense with all dead wood and things you’ve outgrown.

Scorpio, this moon will ask that conclude or end that which works against the pursuit of your desires. Anything found wanting, cast aside and draw to yourself that which you need to help you advance.

Leo and Aquarius, This moon may ask that you address an outstanding need. Whether you require rest, nutrition or possibly change in unproductive habit. Whatever it may be, the underlying question should be “What will you need?”

The Beaver Full Moon will ask us to create a reservoir of useful, valuable resources and release the clutter and debris that holds us back. As you explore the watercourse of your values and needs, find the most enriching, prosperous course.

Aeion is a professional astrologer and tarot card reader with 20 years of experience. His approach is based in the belief that divination should be in employed to enhance ones' life experiences, not to predetermine them. Let Astrology and Tarot be your tools for better living.

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Hunt and Gather: Hunter Full Moon in Aries

Today's Hunter Moon derives its name from the fact that hunters once used it bright light of the fall Full Moon to allow them to track prey at night. The Hunter Moon/Aries Full Moon, is a creature of needs guided by the temperament and drive of fire sign,  Aries.
Aries embodies passion, autonomy, independence and enthusiasm. A sign ruled by Mars, Aries thrives upon self assertion, dominance and prominence in its interactions with others
The Moon, in astrology, is concerned with needs like food, security, and emotional support. The Aries Full Moon will focus upon your needs and passions. How to acquire that makes you feel secure with your current circumstances? What do you need to give you a sense of empowerment and purpose?
Full Moons are times for completions, bringing projects and endeavors to their conclusions or redirecting existing energies to new efforts and enterprises. Full Moons nourish and feed our actions, providing the energy and support to help them develop and grow.
Like all fiery moons, the next three days maybe somewhat erratic and intense, so take an easy going approach to all matters and place your focus up the goals rather than how you achieve them. Strive for a dedicated, ethical approach to attainment of those needs.
Aries, this may be your most productive season yet as this Full Moon offers a good time to start endeavors. In fact, this transit may be an excellent time to put plans into motion. Think big and pursuit efforts with an anticipation of the coming year.
Libra, taking stock of what you have and how it helps reach your needs should be your main action at this time. Work towards preparation and conserve your strength for future efforts.
Cancer and Capricorn, a some demanding endeavor may present itself during this period and seem to require much of your time and attention. Address the matter with the understand that what you attend now may prove helpful to you in the days and weeks ahead
This Hunter Full moon should provide opportunities for fulfillment and personal gain. Like a great hunter, let patience, skill and dedication provide you with the resources you need.

Aeion is a professional astrologer and tarot card reader with 20 years of experience. His approach is based in the belief that divination should be in employed to enhance ones' life experiences, not to predetermine them. Let Astrology and Tarot be your tools for better living.

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