Back and Forth: Mercury Retrograde in Taurus/Aries Part I: Taurus

(Realizing that the nature of this Retrograde will change considerable in two weeks, I’ve decided to break my interpretation up into two parts. Please check back on April 19th for Part II of Back and Forth)

The upcoming Mercury Retrograde in Taurus begins on April 9, 7:14 pm EDT/ 4:14 pm PDT. This transit will last the much of the month of April, ending on the May 3rd 12:33pm EDT/ 9:33am PDT. On April 20th it will return to the sign of Aries, where it will remain until it goes direct on May 3rd. Because it is traversing two signs, this retrograde will be of a different character at its end. It is for this reason and in light of the two other Retrogrades (Venus and Saturn, respectively) I felt it necessary to break up my interpretation into separate parts.  April promises to be a something of an eventful month, so where you may encounter  issues  try to be patient; a relaxed approach might be the best way to tend some of the dilemmas you’ll face at this time.

Taurus, in astrology, represents values. Whether it’s an object we possess or people we love, Taurus is the embodiment of connection, attachment and emotional commitment.  Taurus’ ruling planet is Venus, a planet of affection, appreciation and aesthetics.  So when a Taurean attaches value to anything, their commitment is neither casual nor trivia. At its best, Taurus can be generous, reliable and resourceful. At its worst, Taurus can be lazy, materialistic and overly possessive.  
When coupled with Mercury, the  planet which governs thoughts and communication, the upcoming Retrograde will ask you to review your values, resources and things you’ve accumulated.  In the coming weeks, you may find yourself re-evaluating that which you possess and own, whether that’s a book in your possession or an opinion that you hold. Because it is a retrograde based in an earth sign, you might encounter direct changes in your physical environment; Spring cleaning, yard sales, purchases you’ve made or items needing repair and restoration  

The first portion of the retrograde (Taurus) may find you turning your material world 
upside down and inside out in effort to discern whether that which you’ve accumulated jibes with that which you really value. It may be a period an intensive clearing, requiring that you make adjustments to your environment, lifestyle and attitudes. Stepping out of your comfort zone may also be required at this time, letting different energies shake up staid routines.
Retrogrades are times to address problems but not to work them out. The real work comes once the retrograde is over. You may need to make some adjustments at this time (especially during the Taurus portion of the transit) but leave off radical changes until after the transit ends.
With Mercury’s reversal, devices that aid communication and thought tend to go haywire. Electronic devices (phones, TV’s computers, and electronics) might malfunction at this time. Because Retrogrades are notorious for upsetting our plans, you should afford yourself extra time, a sense of humor and a large measure of tolerance. Because of its effect on spoken communication, watch for being inflexible, stubborn or obstinate in arguments or discussions at this time. Such attitudes could backfire against you in the coming weeks.  Along the Venus and Saturn Retrogrades, watch out for petty arguments and the unwillingness to compromise as it may rebound against you.
There are activities that tend benefit from Retrogrades. Existing creative endeavors tend to do well. Strive to complete those kinds of projects and works. Spiritual and metaphysical practices, which connect us with our inmost selves, also fare well doing retrogrades. Embarking on short term travel or trips, which shake up daily routines, are also good actions to take during mercury retrogrades.
Taurus, this transit may test your best laid plans. Seek to be flexible and if you find yourself having to reconsider something you’re doing, do so with the understanding that a change course maybe for the best.  
Scorpio, examine current drives and pursuits and determine if you are well served by them. The early portion of this Retrograde may ask you clarify what you desire and how you should proceed to get it. In the next two week may ask you to determine where you need to be committed.

Leo and Aquarius, in the next two weeks some matter may present itself that will ask you to charge some aspect of your life. It won’t easy but it should prove worthwhile for every moment you are willing to devote to it.
The next few weeks Mercury Retrograde will offer significant and possibly dramatic changes of your surroundings and values. While you navigate this Mercury Retrograde seek to affirm that which you value, both from without and within (Part II, We’ll explore the Aries Portion of the transit).

Aeion is a professional astrologer and tarot card reader with +20 years of experience. His approach is based in the belief that divination should be in employed to enhance ones' life experiences, not to predetermine them. Let Astrology and Tarot be your tools for better living.