What Do You Need? Mercury Retrograde in Cancer

On June 7th 1:48 PDT/4:48 EDT we will enter the second Mercury Retrograde of 2014. It will last for much of the month of June, Ending on July 1 at 5:50am PDT/ 8:50 am EDT. This retrograde, in the zodiac sign of Cancer,  will focus upon one thing: Needs  What do you need? What do do you think you need?  What may be the best way for you to secure that which you need?

Mercury Retrogrades often ask us to reprioritize, re-access and rethink whatever issues arise with regards to the nature of sign that it's in. So this particular retrograde you’ll be ask you to look at your current life path and ascertain whether it leads to a place you wish to occupy. What are you really hungry for? What essential sustenance does your life seem to lack? What will it take for you to acquire those things you need most?

Cancer also governs intuitions and psychic forces, so for the next month trust your feelings and any strong impression you have. Wherever you have Cancer in your chart, you’ll experience Mercury will asking you to address underlying emotional concerns. Reestablish or re-affirmation with people, places and things that make you feel secure at this time. With a strong emphasis on family (blood and extended). stay close to those who help you know who you are.  Get back to that which reinforces you and feeds your soul. Get back to where you once belong

So if your gadgets, toys, props, and position are hindering you, the retrograde will remove such distractions and put you back in touch with your innermost self.  View this as a time for emotional repairs and reconnect with those things that have always been most important  to you.
Sun sign Cancers and people with heavy Cancer placements(Cancer influenced planets in your natal Chart) should be willing to let the rest of us in on what going on inside. Telling the truth to yourself and those who matter most to you will make this period very productive. The retrograde will allow you to touch upon deep, sensitive concerns  without the usual sensitivity. Don’t be squeamish. Look and see what’s missing

Capricorns and people with heavy Capricorn placements, Actions may speak louder than words, but words matter now more than ever. Get in touch with your deep emotions and share your sentiments with those who matter most to you. The exposure may make you feel uncomfortable but the payoff will be greater support from your community and a clear sense of what you should be most passionate about at this time.

For all others, get in touch with your feelings. What isn’t feeling good or right in your life? Again. remember, the time to make any changes of matters that come up during the retrograde is after the Retrograde is over. The transit’s job is to highlight the concerns in anticipation of a resolution, not to effect that resolution. So if some emotional problem presents itself to you, see it as an ongoing matter and not as something you need to attend to at that exact moment. Love relationships are very particularly susceptible to this transit so be patient with spouses and significant others.

As with all retrogrades, communication, thoughts and planning can be greatly altered resulting in delays and postponement of important activities. Because it can affects spoken communications, written text, email messages, etc expect challenges when sharing information.

Mercury, which also governs short range travel, may throw you a few curves in terms of journeys and trips, so you are advised to be patience with any travel setbacks. In fact, patience and humor are often the best way to negotiate any retrograde. Time spent in spiritual practices and creative endeavors during this period should prove quite fruitful(work on things that you’ve set aside or put to the back burner). Metaphysical works and divinations tend to do well under the benevolence of the Mercury Retrograde in Cancer’s psychic energies.

What feeds you? What do you need? During this transit , seek to keep those questions foremost in your mind.