Get the Balance Right: Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio/Libra

On Saturday October 4th  2014  at 1:02amEDT/!0:02pm PDT, Mercury, in the signof Scorpio, will begin a retrograde motion towards the sign of Libra. This retrograde action will continue until Saturday October 25th 3:17pm EDT / 12:17pmPDT when it will again go direct.

The planet Mercury’s journey from emotion driven Scorpio to the mental focused Libra will make this transit a time about examining your feelings. You may be asked to determining what is important to you versus the feelings of others, specific loved ones and intimates. The retrograde will occupy Scorpio for a short time (October 4-11th)so the initial days of the retrograde may prove very emotional depending upon where Scorpio is based in your natal chart.
As Mercury travels through Libra(October 12-24th), given where Libra is in your chart, this retrograde may produce strong personal conflicts that will require addressing past concerns or some pending issue. The best way to work with the transit is to be honest with yourself and the others about how you really feel.  Because the retrograde works against language and communication, both spoken and written, the adage “actions speak louder than words” is most important at this time. Constructive, thoughtful action should prove the most useful mode of operation. Realize the mission of  any Retrograde is to initiate the resolution not to wholly solve the problem. That comes after the retrograde concludes on the 25th.
Sun sign Libras and those with strong Libra placements; honesty at this time is the best policy.  If you operate from your customary diplomacy you may find Mercury will place you in a position where you’ll be forced to tell the absolute truth.  Utilize the retrograde’s energy to resolve old personal matters and to get something off your chest. While this isn’t a time for speeches it is to revisit old debates.Show people how you feel. Express yourself.
Aries and people with strong Aries placement, taking in account the feelings of other may be a big part of the transit. Knowing what you want is fine but if you push roughshod over the feelings of others at this time it could hinder your progress. Cooperation maybe key to navigating this transit. Cancer and Capricorn, you’ll likely encounter a challenge that may ask that you reveal something intimate and personal about yourself in order to repair some matter past. While it may not be easy, working with the retrograde may serve your aims and goals.
Retrogrades are notorious for playing havoc with electronic devices, especially those used for communications;phones, TV, radios, etc. Even pens and pencils can experience problems at this time so be patience with regards to any kind of communication, preparation and/or planning. Mercury may throw you a few curves in terms of journeys and trips, so expect delays and setbacks.Humor, where ever possible, is often the best way to negotiate any of the retrograde’s effects.

Creative projects are good uses of one’s time during a Mercury Retrograde. Spiritual efforts are also well served.  Any rituals or activities that bring you clarity or emotional balance would be good at this time.

Retrogrades often ask that we revisit some prior concern in an effort to repair or rehabilitate it. Getting in touch with your desires and shared feelings is an important feature of this retrograde. With honesty, sensitivity and dedication,this next month may prove most rewarding.