The Annular Solar Eclipse of April 28-29th 2014

The Annular Solar eclipse will be a partial one, visible from parts of Australia and southern Indonesia.

Eclipses in astrology are forces for cleansing and clearing. Whether lunar or solar, Eclipses refresh the metaphorical palate, promoting current experiences over previous ones.     As the first solar eclipse this year, and in the Sign of Taurus, this Annular or Ring Eclipse will ask you to access what you value in your life. Taurus, in astrology, reflects upon what value a person places upon ideas and things. So whether money, security or the company of good friends, Taurus’ nature is about what importance does one place upon such things. Depending on where the house of Tauruses in your Natal Chart, this solar eclipse may cause you to examine the things that you've accumulated and what your still are pursuant of. The Eclipse will provide a measure of detachment to allow you to really consider just such concerns.
In the aftermath of the Eclipse, one might find it a good time to embark upon a measure of spring cleaning, both internal and external,to remove from your life path obstacles and distractions. And, in service to the most recent Grand Cross, here’s a perfect opportunity to enhance your life with deciding upon what things are most meaningful to you.
For sun sign Taurus’ and people with personal planets in Taurus (Mercury, Venus, Moon and Mars), the next two weeks for you may be The annular solar eclipse of 28-29th 2014 views, values, even possession are reevaluated. Again, the purpose of the Eclipse is not to cause you to doubt these effects but to affirm them with real thought and scrutiny. For Scorpio’s and others with personal planets in that sign, look to shared desires, particular to those of  your loved ones, in an effort to develop better understanding with them.
All in all, view the Ring eclipse as a moment to refresh and restore meaning and purpose to those things that matter to you most.