The Grand Cross of April 2014

As of April 23  2014, we will experience a transit known in as a Grand Cross. What is a Grand Cross? What does it mean for you? A Grand Cross is when four planets enter an 90 degree position, know in astrology as a square. The square represents a challenging tension that forces an individual to confront an ongoing issues in service to their growth and development. The cross can also be viewed as a double Opposition (180 degrees) which may presents major hurdles and difficulties. The conflicts produced by this transit will require dedication and discipline. Working through this transit can offer great rewards and provide resolution to number ongoing life issues and crises. The nature of this Grand Cross is that it includes all the Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) in conjunction with three aggressive planets (Uranus in Aries, Mars in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn) and Jupiter(In Cancer), whose beneficial  power will blunt some of the more forceful aspect of the others . These planets may require much from us in terms of  making progress(Uranus), willingness to explore(Jupiter), taking action(Mars) and  submit to transformation(Pluto). Cardinal Signs are the initiating energies, the jump starters of the Zodiac.  In simple terms they can be defined as awareness (Aries), feeling(Cancer), thought(Libra) and effort(Capricorn). Depending on where they fall in your chart, in the next week and half, you can expect to experience challenges that are not easily resolved.

If your Sun or other personal planets are aligned with the cross or are in an Areas where the Grand Cross falls, expect to deal with some matter head on. The dominating, assertive energies of the the cardinal planet will neither allow you to avoid or delay matters. Squares produce irritations and goads that make avoidance of them a most uncomfortable affair.  And, with all the Cardinal Signs working in collusion, the price you’ll pay for those problems may prove more costly than energy  you’d spent resolving them. Like an athlete feeling the burn or author struggling to complete a deadline, you’ll need to push to bring some effort to it’s completion.  Don’t let yourself be discouraged by the size of the obstacle or allow procrastination to deter you from your effort. The Grand Cross will clearly indicate where you need to direct your attention. Seek to work with patience and diligence. Cardinal energies can at time be obsessive and demanding of immediate, unrealistic results. One almost never achieves complete success at the beginning of an endeavor so don’t let the these energy afflict you with the lust of result.

Fortunately, Venus and Neptune are in Pisces, working in parallel with Jupiter to foster a abundant compassion and healing energies at this time.They should mellow the demanding energies of Mars, Uranus and Pluto. Neptune’s murky energies may make it difficult to see where you can seek help and support but work with the notion that help is on it’s way. It’s as if we’ll be living for a time with that line from Nietzsche”s about the “one who endures”.  Both Oppositions and Squares require a measure of endurance, so at this time rise to the occasion and you may find that for your pains you’ll be a better, stronger and  happier person.