Lunar Eclipse in Libra

This evening will produce a total Lunar eclipse, 4am PDT/ 6am EDT. It will be visible across most of North America, South America, Hawaii and parts of Alaska(east coast America may have difficult seeing it because of The weather). It is the first of four consecutive total eclipses of the moon between years April 2014 and September 2015. It is in the sign of Libra and with it’s entry into Libra you will encounter challenges borne by effects of both eclipse and  the the massive Squaring of the cardinal Signs (Cancer, Libra, Capricorn and Aries).  Sun sign and Moon sign Libra’s don’t be surprised at feeling sluggish or out of sort for the next day or so. The eclipse will bring to surface many of your unconsciousness needs and concerns with regard to personal relationships . Not just Love relationships, but all relationships and will do so in a specific area of your life(depend upon where you have Libra in your Natal Chart). What do you need from lovers, closest friends and family members? These concerns may jump foremost in your mind and become a key element of your thinking for the next two days. However, be advised that the squaring Cardinal energies may make it hard for you to address said notions. So, at this time and for the next few days, view any relationship questions or needs as  ongoing issues for resolution rather than an immediate matter requiring direct redress. Lunar Eclipses can promote erratic thoughts and feelings so seek to grounding, stabling activities for  yourself(preferably with Loved ones) at this time, Seek to make the most of Libra’s balancing energies, using Eclipse inward focusing elements  to better understand your needs and those whom you care about at the same time.