New Moon in Pisces

As you process the lessons of the Mercury Retrograde and encounter the revelations of the New moon, keep in mind you don't need to have all the answers at this time. New Moons are forces for closure and completion, so don't worry about initiating new endeavors until the March 3. The New Moon in Pisces will ask you heal old hurts and repair outstanding issues you uncovered during the concluding retrograde. Put your faith and belief in your current ideals and meditate upon hopeful things to come. Divination and spiritual practices (especially those were music is involved) will be particularly insightful at this time. Conclude old business matters, tie up loose ends and, in general, get ready for the new cycle. Neptune in Pisces will in engage a variety of emotions during the next day or two, so stay grounded should the need arise. The chance for confusion is great at this time so strive to remain clear. All in all, go with the flow.