Full Moon In Cancer

On January 15th 2013, there'll be a Full Full Moon in the Sign of Cancer.

Full Moon in Cancer is a very strong moon, one worthy of respect. The Moon, which provides the rulership or the energy for the sign of Cancer, will amplify all the attributes of Cancer, making for a time of  great feeling, vulnerability and emotional sensitivity. Addressing  your needs will play an important role at this time.  Things that make you feel comfortable and secure will be paramount  and spending time in such activities is where you efforts should be directed. Nurturing, mothering  and feeding  are keywords in regards to this moon.  You may feel very emotional at this time, even moody  ,  so be careful not to give in to overreaction or drama. It may not be the best time to resolve conflicts with others, particular your mother , so if at all possible leave such matters for a later time.  Given the heighten emotional energy, spending time at home in company of family(however you define that) might be most the productive thing to do. It is a day to stay grounded and keep things in the moment as opposed to past hurts or future expectations. 

Cancer Full Moons bring up sentimental matters and may stir old memories.  Also, as the Moon governs psychic energy,  It is good time for readings and all sorts of divinations. Your native intuitions maybe stronger as well, providing important clues to what direction your life path should take at this time.  For my Cancer friends (Sun, Moon or other personal planets in the sign) The Moon will give impetus  in some important area of your life.  Make the most of it but  be patient and not impulsive. Capricorns(Sun, Moon or other personal planets in the sign), This transit may energize you as well but in a way that encourages openness about your plans  and expressing your feeling about some area of your life. In general , be willing to address your needs, particularly emotions ones in service to making the most of this transit.