WHAT DO YOU WANT:Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

The Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio begins on October 21 6:28am EDT/ 3:38 PDT and ends on Sunday November 10th at 4:12 pm EDT/ 1:12 PDT.  This retrograde's focus is based on your desires and may require a re-evaluate about your feelings about your urges and desires. What do you want? The passions for what you want will be stoked through these next three weeks. How you may fulfill these desires might be quite another matter. 

Retrogrades tend to require recognition and exploration of their "themes" based along the astrological sign it's transiting. Scorpio deals with desires, especially hidden desires, and as is the nature of this transit,you may have some long dormant passion come to surface. Desires are often elusive and this particular transit may serve as a spur towards making an effort to fulfill them. Feel out your passions in these times and recharge/resurrect the things that have seemingly died or are lurking in the shadows. Restoration of hope and the power of renewal are the hallmarks of this transit. “Follow your bliss” as J. Campbell would say.  

As Scorpio, the sign and Pluto, it's ruler are all about procreation and regeneration, this time may provide an antidotes to issues in the romance department or overall change in an existing relationship, for better or worse . Pluto, Scorpio's ruling planet is Lord of consequence, so if you start with less than honorable intentions in any area of your life don't be surprised at the instant karma effect. Power plays and politicking may boomerang if  you don't employ caution. Striving for clarity and open communication as this retrograde tends with work against Scorpio usual secretive ways. View this retrograde as a period of very powerful personal transformation.

Given this retrograde's beginning in the aftermath of the Full moon in Aries and subsequent Lunar eclipse, This retrograde may get off to a rocky start. With it's trine to Jupiter in Cancer  and it's conjunction with Saturn in Scorpio as it regresses, You'll be asked to navigate your desires and the power to produce them.  The Saturn conjunction may throw hard questions your way. Seek to address those matters with an eye toward providing the resolution and solutions after the Retrograde ends on Nov 10th

 Understand that lust for results may cause you to get fixated on a specific outcome and compel you to strive to do it in the next few weeks. Avoid such impulses, instead let this be a time you reflect upon past matters and whether they are worthy of regeneration.. See this as a time to get fired up but not necessarily a time to start. Find your passion again and rekindling it is a big part of ones work here. Remember, Retrogrades often delay the very subject matter they're focused on, so prepare with an eye for the future. 

To my Taurus Friends, A time of activity and demand may be upon you. This period may prove very productive but you’ll have to work on stuff you’d rather avoid. Use your legendary patience to see you through. To my Scorpio friends, enjoy a moment of pause and re-positioning. If you have been needing a little time out, here may be a time for a vacation or retreat that may offer valuable time to think, not plan for what needs to reenter your life. Figure out what matters to you and re-invest in it. 

For the rest of you, jettison things, attitudes and views that are dead or dying are no longer true to your life. If Mercury retrograde in Cancer’s concerns are needs, this one’s is desires. And yes gadgets, communications, projects initiated through this time may go awry or be delayed as per stardard retrograde. Ride out the retrograde and trust your strengths and powers.