Season of Squares

  As for aspects, It is the season of Squares (time of small challenges and frustrations). Uranus is squaring Venus and Pluto in Capricorn, which may make for difficulties in expressing ones emotions, particularly in relationships. Struggles in the workplace and with people in authority are to be expected at this time, especially if there are old or long standing issues. Try to resolve them constructively. Anticipate the need to make changes in what you feel and expect of partnerships and friendships at this time. Try to be flexible. 

Saturn in Scorpio sextiling the Sun will make it possible for changes in our thinking, providing an opportunity for transformation in consciousness. Neptune in Pisces squaring Mars in Libra will ask you to confront contradictions in your current relationship(s) so that you can integrate or resolve them. It may prove somewhat confusing and demanding but view it as a time to rid yourself of limited perceptions of others and gain an appreciation of fundamental differences. Jupiter in Cancer's opposition of Pluto, Venus, Sun and Mercury  will be a gentle one, encouraging you to see the others person's side while still honoring your own. The Jupiter's squares to Uranus and Mars should bring ease and support to all the transitions you'll need to make at this time, whether in relationship or other areas of your life. The Moon in Leo should stoke the urge to do things you find fun and along with it's trine to Uranus, it will ask you to seek out new and different experiences to satisfy the need for adventure and distraction.