I Turn Around, It’s Love:Venus In Aries Retrograde

On March 4 4:09Am EST/1:09AM PST, Venus will enter a retrograde station in the current sign of Aries. This transit will occur inside the Venus’ nearly two month period in the sign of Aries.  Venus, in astrology, represents harmony, resilience, beauty, refinement, solidarity. Aries embodies passion, autonomy, independence and enthusiasm.  Venus doesn’t do well in Aries, its opposition sign, being what we call its detriment. Venus is about Partnerships and others and Aries is about the individual and the self.

Venus Retrograde’s are rare events, occurring ever 1 ½ years or every 18 months.  The good news is that Venus Retrograde, while demanding, aren’t nearly as chaotic and challenging as Mercury Retrogrades can be. Venus, when it is in conjunction with other planets, tends to mellow or ease the harsher effects of the other planet. The same is true of its Retrogrades. They tend to be easier to navigate given Venus’ gentler nature. This retrograde will last the month of March, finally going direct on April 15th, in the sign of Pisces (26 degrees).

At this time, you may review or re-evacuate relationships or commitments, especially romantic ones and particularly established ones. It’s good time to resolve old hurts and address long standing issues between you, loved ones and relatives. Who have you fallen out of favor with? Can it be repaired? Any important personal relationships may undergo reconsideration at this time. Newer relationships may be tested during this transit to see if they’ll last. Jealousy, insincerity, selfish motives or a lack of compassion could make for a difficult month if you let them, so try to be patience and work towards reasonable compromise.

Remember, Retrogrades are times for review not adjustments. The changes needing to be made may have to wait until after transit concludes on the 1 st. If you encounter a problem or issue, search out its roots and what it may mean in the big picture of your life. Venus Retrogrades are times for you to observe yourself more so than your partner/friend.

There are activities that tend benefit from Retrogrades. Artistic and creative projects tend to be very productive, especially in the light of Venus’ aesthetic influence. Spiritual and metaphysical practices, which connect us with our communities and others, fare well during a Venusians reversal. Unlike Mercury Retrograde, this can be one of the best times for dealing with finances and financial plans. Keep in mind, its more about how current plans are serve you and your loved ones rather than about starting new efforts.

Aries, this transit can be very demanding because it might require a greater attention be paid to others and their feelings at expense of your own. The good news is that which you do for others may be rewarded with greater loyalty and higher regard by those who admire and love you.

Libra, Retrograde Venus may make this time somewhat solitary as you’ll be asked to look to your own concerns and not the requirements of others. Spend this time forging ahead in some important solo effort with the anticipation of sharing your exploits once Venus goes direct.

Capricorn and Cancer, this retrograde may present you with a problem or dilemma that will require you to be very emotionally vulnerable to a friend or loved one.  While it may involve considerable consequences there should also be significant gains for you as well if you do the work.
Venus in Aries Retrograde will ask you reconsider and review some of your most important relationships.  With resilience and care, this could prove a very productive and helpful month for you and those you love.

Aeion is an professional astrologer and tarot card reader with 23+ years of experience. His approach is based in the belief that divination should be in employed to enhance ones' life experiences, not to predetermine them. Let Astrology and Tarot be your tools for better living.