Groundbreaking: Worm Full Moon in Virgo

Sunday, March 12 th, Worm Full Moon, with regards to astrology, is a time of assessment and analyzing your needs. It derives its name from a time, in Native American traditions, prior to Spring when the earth grows softer and warmer, urging earthworms to throw off their casts or skins. This adds nutrients and composting agents to the soil, which aids newly emerging plants, urging them to thrive and grow.

If we employ this metaphor, the next three days may find you making significant, even dramatic changes in your life, casting off that which is negative and useless to encourage that which is fertile and prosperous.

Virgo, as a sign, can be practical, hardworking, supportive and observant. They can also be hypercritical, demanding, insincere and preoccupied.  The Virgo moon should help you to focus upon the best methods to address you needs.  Wherever Virgo lies in your chart, you may feel the urge to clarify and adjust that which makes you uncomfortable and promote that which fortifies and strengthens you. In general, whatever matters are concerned, seek to break things down into doable, achievable goals.

The Moon represents needs and as this is a Virgo Full Moon, analyzing what nurtures you, your feelings and what makes you feel more secure plays an important part. Finding emotional security will rate high at this time, as the moon heightens such sensitivities.  And with the planet Venus now Retrograde in Aries, you should be so be mindful of dramas and challenging circumstances with loved ones.

Full Moons are times for completions, bringing projects and endeavors to their conclusions, or redirecting existing energies to new efforts and enterprises. Given that this is a Virgo Full Moon, It is also one of the more stable Full Moons, the Virgo aspect making a it a good time to evaluate how your needs are met and what can be done to make things better.  This Full Moon is a particularly good for painstaking activities in your life and to address issues related to your quality of life and health. Again, working in concert to the current Venus transit, this is may be a good time for a spa day, invigorating health regime or simply a day off.

 Within the next three days (from the 12-14) spend your time contemplating what needs are being met and which ones are unfulfilled. The Moon, which governs psychic energy and intuition, makes this a good time to perform divinations and explore all possibilities about just such questions. The work you do now may serve you well into the days ahead and the rapidly approaching spring

Virgo, this is a really good time to get something going. Any effort you’ve been keeping in reserve or held off upon should now be advanced. The energies of this moon, coupled with the approaching season of spring, may make this an extremely productive for you and your abilities

Pisces, what needs must you attend to? What has been neglected?  Look upon these next three days as a time to get in touch with yourself and what remedies are required. Again, let the main focus be upon that which helps you feel effective accomplished.

Sagittarius and Gemini, some matter may urgently need your attentionIt might not seem an important in light of other concerns but the Full Moon may force your hand. Attend to the issue with an eye toward resolving what may ultimately prove to have been a long standing problem.

Dig deep into your needs to find that which encourages growth and renewal. Let the power of this Worm Full Moon help you to recognize what is vital and attain that which will feed you most.

Aeion is a professional astrologer and tarot card reader with 23+ years of experience. His approach is based in the belief that divination should be in employed to enhance ones' life experiences, not to predetermine them. Let Astrology and Tarot be your tools for better living.