This is Where I Came in: Mercury Retrogrades in Sagittarius

Begins November 6th 2012 3:04PST/6:04 EST                                        
Ends November 26th 2012 2;48pm PST/ 5:48 EST

Mercury Retrogrades in Sagittarius represent an interesting paradox. Sagittarius encourages speculation upon the future while Mercury focus upon matters at hand and retrogrades, by their natures,direct our attention to the concerns of the past. In that light this transit may prove a bit challenging.

The best way to begin this retrograde is to work with the energies of the Sagittarian portion of the transit. Sagittarius, questing energy of the Zodiac, seeks out in the world answers for life's questions in service to one’s personal development. A Sagittarius person may travel  a great deal to compare and learn about a variety of people, places and things in order to learn more about themselves. This retrograde may begin in that way, a quest to understand oneself through previous encounters, actions and activities. You may be ask  to consider actions of the past year to determine their current  effectiveness.Sagittarius's inquiries tend toward more philosophical questions than rhetorical ones. They may take the form of “What motivated you to take those actions?”” How were you served by them?”” What insights did you gain from them?” and so on. Then Mercury, currently  at 4 degrees, will be begin it’s retrograde motion, transiting back to the sign of Scorpio on November  15th, there to remain until Mercury goes direct on November 26th.

Then, the retrograde will take on the character of the penetrating andtransformative energies of Scorpio. How to transform one's thinking and achieve success in some area of your life through the power of thoughts may play role towards the end of retrograde.

So, for the first part of this retrograde, examine  your previous year the way you’d review a resume. Look at past achievements with an eye toward future expectations and efforts. Then, once Mercury begins its motion into Scorpio, evaluate your feelings about those achievements and where, once the retrograde ends on Nov 26th, your energies might be the best directed.

For earlier degree Sagittarius, this transit may encourage you to remember what is important in your life  and explore of some most recent concerns. Wherever possible focus upon what you might have learned from those experiences and how best to apply that knowledge going forward.. For latter degree Scorpios, this may be the perfect time to revisit a past dream or desire and reflect upon  how it may be brought into your current life.  For earlier degree Gemini's, the chance to reevaluate some significant change you’ve made recently should make this a useful and productive transit for you. Lastly, for late degree Taurus, seeking to restore and renew some area of your life should prove inspirational.

Again, it is important to remember that retrogrades are good times to take care of old business rather than delving in the new affairs. While we can't put our lives on hold till the Retrograde ends, you can rehabilitate something long standing issue or take care of some matter that you may have pushed to the back burner. Creative projects and spiritual practices are great activities for Retrogrades and often help reference all the subconscious and intuitive information this transit taps into.  And now the standard rejoinder. Retrogrades play havoc with devices, expressly those for communication and calculation(i.e computer,cell phones, pen and paper). While it sometimes can’t be helped, it not the best time to sign a contract or negotiate deals. The chances of being misunderstood, especially after Nov 15 are considerable, so whenever possible strive to be clear, concise and constructive in all communications.

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius/Scorpio can be a period where your previous thoughts and feelings be can indicate a new, productive, pathways in your life.