Do What thou Wilt: Mercury Retrograde in Leo

Courage comes from the French for heart and the upcoming Mercury Retrograde in Leo will ask you to find yours.  Starting July 14th 7:16pm PDT, this retrograde may cause you to examine your courage in face of major changes or transitions. In accordance to past matters or concerns , this Retrograde may ask you  evaluate what  roles you play in your daily life and  positions with you occupy to determine whether they still serve you. Understanding who you are and how best to reach your potential is central to this retrograde and maybe the biggest challenges that you face at this time.   You maybe asked to question your loyalties, encounter a crisis of confidence or need to affirm some personal ambition or goal you that long ago forsook.  With regards to any retrograde, the focus is on the past so keep your attention  directed towards prior concerns.
For Sun sign Leos, it's a time good time to review personal progress. What has been successful, what has not and what adjustments, if any, need to be made. For people with planets in Leo  and where ever  you have Leo in your chart,  some area of your life may require a second look or some rehabilitation.  Leo governs confidence, so if you're feeling good about your efforts, stay the course. The retrograde job is not to throw you off your game, contrary to popular belief, but to test the firmness of your commitment and convictions. For Sun sign Aquarius,  this may be a time where some overlooked issue or matter will reassert itself, calling for corrective measures.  You may only be required to acknowledge the matter, but  as with all astrological oppositions,  it will need to be addressed in some direct way. People with planets in Aquarius will also confront some past concern that, with time and attention, could prove rewarding or restorative. For Scorpio's and Taurus', this retrograde may place you in very trying circumstance about who you are and where you belong. Again,  the retrograde's purpose is to help you find clarity and resolve to honor who and what you are.
You will feel the effects of this retrograde well before and after the actual transit. Know as the storm of the retrograde,  this phenomena can produce experiences similar to  the retrograde both prior to July 14th and after its conclusion after August 8th.  Remember that it only during the retrograde itself you truly experience it's direct influence.
  It is at this point I'll add the standard reminder about retrogrades having the power to delay and confound plans and day to day operations  Devices for communication are susceptible to Mercury's caprices  so be mindful of this when dealing with computers, cell phones and  written information.  This retrograde has a particularly strong emotional component, so moodiness and melancholy may emerge at this time. The potential for miscommunication are considerable so strive for clarity in all of your messaging.

"Know thyself" and "to thine own self be true" are good mottos to adopt for this retrograde.  As Mercury retrograde ask you question about who you are, search inside your heart for the answers.