Roundabout: Mercury Retrograde in Aries

Retrogrades allows us to revaluate choices we've  made in our lives. By delaying ourefforts they invite scrutiny of past positions, activities and efforts in service to gaining insight and finding remedies. This week,  Mercury will retrograde in the sign of Aries on March 12 12:49 PDT/  3:49 EDT,  asking you to explore your perceptions of who you are and what you believe in.  

Mercury will begins its retrograde in the zodiac sign of Aries and will regress back to the sign of Pisces.  Mercury's regression from Aries to Pisces may place great demands upon you, especially with regard to agendas and timelines. Where you can, save your strength and bide your time. Between Aries' encouraging  action and Pisces' urging delay, this Mercury retrograde might prove somewhat confusing and restive. Wherever possible, trust in your intuition and you'll be best served.

During this retrograde, examine recent decisions you've made  that directly affected others. This retrograde could prove a bit stressful so be mindful of relaxation and taking care of your physical health.  You'll feel this transit more at its conclusion (on April 4th) than during it course so remain flexible to what changes that might occur. With the epiphanies, revelations and surprises borne of this transit you may find yourself able to resolve long standing problems and focus upon matters close to your heart.  Be careful not to become overly critical of yourself or others at this time as this retrograde often explores deeply personal matters.

For early degree Aries and Libra's, Mercury may ask you to review important life decisions.  On the Libra side, how have your actions advanced your causes or hindered them? You are urged to determine your best interests and find ways to promote them.  To the Aries, what messages are your actions conveying  to those most important to you?  If you can, seek a path that works toward mutual aims and goals.  For late degree Pisces this maybe a time rethink old patterns that govern your life and create new ones. For Late degree Virgos this may prove a period renewal and reaffirmation of one's core beliefs.

It is at this point I'll add the standard reminder about retrogrades having the power to delay and confound plans and day to day operations  Devices for communication are susceptible to Mercury's caprices  so be mindful of this when dealing with computers, cell phones and  written  information.  This retrograde has a particularly strong emotional component, so moodiness and melancholy may emerge at this time. The potential for miscommunication are considerable so strive for clarity in all of your messaging.

Mercury's journey from Aries to Pisces will require much patience and concentration as it will ask you to revisit past concerns. But with humor, humanity and hope you could set yourself on smooth course after having travelled what at times may seems a roundabout way.