Grand Earth Trine

As if there isn't enough going on in the heavens with the Mercury retrograde , This week we'll also have a Grand Earth Trine. Trines, as represented in your birth chart, are the talents and abilities that can be developed into something great if you make the effort.  With regard to the transiting planets, Trines are invitations to accomplish some significant goal or ambition. The Grand Trine on March 14 marks a time where the opportunities for prosperity and success are heightened.

Grand Trines occur when three or more planets are in the same elemental sign and are at exact angle to one another, increasing the energy of all the planets in the trine. In the formation of this Grand Trine we have Jupiter and Venus, both in Taurus at 9 degrees, Pluto in Capricorn at 9 degrees and Mars in Virgo at 9 degrees.  Give the nature of the planets involved and the fact they're in the element of earth, there's every indication of something good coming your way.

  Earth, in astrological terms, represents material reality and the tangible objects that make up that reality.  The union of  beneficial Jupiter with compassionate Venus ( see Venus in Taurus ) will encourage favorable outcomes and results  in whatever area or house they fall in your birth chart . Then adding Pluto for stability and empowerment and  Mars for vigor and strength and you have an astrological  recipe for success.  Again, you can only benefit from a trine if you do the work, but invest time in this one and potential for rewards are enormous. Granted, there will be another trine at this time but given that it's in erratic, fiery energy of Uranus  and Mercury(retrograde)in Aries and Moon in Sagittarius, I'd say your better served working with the Grand Earth Trine. The energy of this trine will last until March 25th so make the most of it.