Regarding your Strength: Mercury Retrograde in Aries

On March 30 at 1:48 PDT/4:48pm EDT Mercury retrograde in Aries will begin. It promises to be long one(ending April 23. second) and extensive in changes it may require you make in your life.

Aries, the sign whose ruling planet is Mars, is the direct, dominating force that is impulse that helps us fight and stay alive. It is a passionate energy, capable of great industry and remarkable feats. It also has  a aggressive and demanding component, making those born under this sign at times selfish, stubborn, arrogant and overconfident. The inherent of Aries strength is their acute need for freedom, their own and that of others  and they are often great advocates for personal freedoms, championing the causes of the  underdog or the downtrodden.

Given the nature of the Aries and the type of Mercury retrograde it produces,  may make for a challenging time for all. But given other aspects of Aries’ nature, it will be a challenge that can provide great rewards if you willing to go with the flow of it.

Mercury will with join with a group of five others planets to form what we call in astrology a stellium. These five planets will work together in any uneasy alliance that may see you rethinking, reacting and re-energizing some important area of your life. Again, retrogrades focus on what is already in your life path and is not what is new. It will be a time of review and reconsideration of some subject matter at hand.

For the people born under the sign of Aries, you’ll face a significant challenges. In your life certain issues may come to a head and seem to urge direct and assertive action but DON”T DO IT! Feel things out until you get the general gist of where your efforts will best be served and work there. The motto should be repair rather then replace. You may need to address a number of important concerns at the same time so maintain an open, wide perspective. There be plenty of time to start new endeavors after April 23 when you’ll have gotten the mercury retrograde’s concerns out of the way.

So if you have Aries, for example, in the house of profession (10th house)
The next month may focus in a very important way on career related matters and how you  might need to find inspiration or re-dedication to the thing that started you  in that profession. Also if you want to break out into a lifestyle that reflects who you really are after  maintaining the status quo here’s the time to do it. As they often are, retrogrades are times where we are lead more by the passion of our heart rather than the thoughts of our head.

in all cases, seek to remain flexible and calm. Mercury retrogrades are notorious for playing havoc with gadgets and devices so computers, phones and any communication equipment might react in unusual ways.
In any case communication, written and verbal, during a retrograde can get awkward, so you may need to repeat your  message numerous times before the other party gets it.

For our Aries friends, sit tight. Any rash moves outside of course of action encouraged by the retrograde may result in major do-overs  after the April 23. You should busy yourself with spring cleaning or repairing things that still have meaning and purpose in your life. The needs of others may take precedent  over your own so let you self play a more of a support role at this time and  be guided by caution and calculation with regards to you actions.

To the Libras, hang on to your hats. You’ll be confronted with demanding circumstances that may require you to assert what you want most of your life and embrace  those things passionately and ardently. As a sign that can be passive, ready to avoid conflicts, the need to stand and be counted is one most important thing you can do at this time. Don’t view it as a mere show of ego but  more as letting yourself and the world understand  your agreeable nature comes from a tacit choice, not as fearful acceptance. As a cardinal sign, you initiates action from those around you, especially  the people you know best. Lead by you example.

For the Capricorns, The fights on. In the next few weeks you may have to confront a situation that requires you to stand your ground or contend with power struggles in some area of your life. It may be as simple as keeping things organized the way you like them to as complex as a  confrontation or distraction that you have to give full attention to. Realize, this seeming distraction  is where you should focus your attention at this time. It is the squaring energy of Aries, goading and pressing you to make important critical changes in your life. Let yourself be distracted. It’ll be worth it in  the end.

For everyone else, rise to the challenge. How do you make strong people? You test them. You push them beyond what they thought was their strength to the real strength. This Mercury retrograde promises to to just that.