Planetary overview for July 23 2009

The Sun and moon, in sign of Leo, will undergo some strange contortion, astrologically speaking for the next day or so. The ring eclipse and the sun's entry into it's rulership sign(Leo) bodes for a short period of dislocation and disruption in whatever area you have Leo in your chart. Ego conflicts and issues will take precedent and for those with Leo Suns and Moons', taking care of your personal plans may prove challenging. Given the fact that moon goes void of course at 1:28PST and stays that way until 8:22 PST you may want to play and relax rather than engaging in serious activites and involvement in matters that have great personal attachment for you. Also the direct opposition of the Jupiter and Neptune to the moon will lend a kind of fog to events so deal with matters by feeling them out or going with the flow of events. Venus and Mars in Gemini will allow one to look at dicotomies or extremes especially in regard to matters of romance and relationships. Try not to jump to conclusions and listen as you would have others listen to you.