In Bloom: Full Flower Moon in Scorpio

On May 8th will be the beginning of the full moon, the Flower Moon. Based during mid Spring, it is symbolic of the time when flowers bloom into being.

The Moon, in astrology, is concerned with needs and emotional security. The Flower full Moon may, in the next three days, acquaint you with concerns you’ve neglected or overlooked. It may urge you to get proper rest, nourishment or solve some long standing emotional issue. This Full moon will put such matters front and centermost in your life.

Scorpio, the sign the moon will occupy, represents the forces of hidden strength and personal transformation. At its best, Scorpio is a passionate sign, guided by desire, resourcefulness and bravery. At its worst, Scorpio is deceptive, obsessive and abusive. The Scorpio Full Moon should aid you in addressing toxic or disingenuous circumstances in your life and purge and reform them. In the next three days, the moon in Scorpio may draw subconscious concerns to the forefront of your consciousness and offer indication on how they need to be changed.  Address the needs that are closest to your desires; feeding your hungers and exploring your secrets may occur at this time. The self-knowledge and enlightenment you attain at during this period maybe prove very empowering.

Full Moons are times for completions, bringing projects and endeavors to their conclusions, or redirecting existing energies to new efforts and enterprises.
Scorpio will highlight endeavors that are your passions and deep desires in effort to develop them into action. Scorpio’s ruling planet, Pluto, is a force that embodies power, whether open or secret. So if you are engaged in some project, it may be time to reveal it or conceal it depend upon what you hope to achieve in terms of what you need.

Scorpio, with Pluto’s recent retrograde and this full moon’s energy, the time to make some major life change maybe at hand. Determining what you want and what need is as important as anything else you do at this time.

Taurus, the next three days may place important demands that need to address in order to fulfill your desires. Whatever is revealed at this time may help you to change your life for the better

Leo and Aquarius, This Full moon may make you acutely aware of a matter you’ve ignored or overlooked, potentially to your detriment.  Confronting the matter may require dedication from you, but the resolving the matter may help you secure something you’ve needed

The Flower Full Moon will promote and nurture that which will help you grow and prosper. Allow your needs and cares to blossom into something worthwhile.

Aeion is a professional astrologer and tarot card reader with +20 years of experience. His approach is based in the belief that divination should be in employed to enhance ones' life experiences, not to predetermine them. Let Astrology and Tarot be your tools for better living.