In the Pink:Pink Full Moon in Libra

The name of Pink Full Moon comes to us from Native Americans via The Farmer’s Almanac; it is representative of the color of flowers of the springtime. The irony is that the Pink Moon isn’t pink at all and unlike some of eclipses, it isn’t any color at.  Beginning 2:08am EDT April 11 and 11:08pm PDT April 10 respectively, the Moon will wax full in the sign of Libra.

Libra, whose ruling planet is Venus, Is a sign that seeks personal understand and self enlightenment through interactions with others. Diplomats of the Zodiac, it is an air sign devoted to compatibility and companionship.  At its best, Libra is observant, adaptive and attentive.  At their worst, Libra can be self-indulgent, superficial and indecisive.

The Moon is the planet responsible for needs. Whether you require nurturing, feeding and emotional security (things which the moon governs), the Moon represents how you pursue, receive and maintain those needs. The full Moon’s increases our demands for those needs, urging us to acquire them in the most direct way.
The Libra Full Moon focuses upon matters related to the Moon but in a way that is balanced and detached. As it is an airy moon or a moon influenced by an air sign, it is can be at odds with the often watery, emotional Moon.  So, if in the next three days you might find yourself balancing concerns yourself and loved ones. Do you need to feed yourself or others? Do you need more emotional contact with others or less?  Are there actions that will make you and your loved ones feel better? These  are issues which may come up at this time.

Full moons are good times for initiating or launching of projects. The waxing energy tends to promote and nurture such activities. It also provides numerous ways to achieve likely success. At this time, you’ll be directed to that which you care about most and ask to eliminate that which does not serve you. The current Mercury Retrograde in Taurus and the squaring aspect of Pluto in Capricorn may, at this time, make any new project somewhat challenging at this time, so follow through on previous efforts wherever possible.

Libra, the moon may ask that you state your needs most directly. While it may not be the most comfortable thing, Pluto's influence might just compel you to do so. Operating with honesty and genuineness may prove both cathartic and refreshing to you and those you love.
 Aries, this is a time to consider the needs your of partners and significant others. What are they saying? What might they have to say? Listening closely to your intimates may be the most important thing you can do at this time. In keeping with the current Retrograde wherever possible, repair and restore connections with those you are closest to.
 Cancer and Capricorn, You may be asked to endeavor to resolve some matter will benefit you and loved ones. Engaging in the matter may invite difficulty, but the time you devote to the challenge may offer great benefits for some long standing need related to you and those you most care about most.

The flowering of the Pink Moon should offer balance and fulfillment  of the requirement for you and your loved ones. Let the Libra Full moon show you the balance of give and take.