Ripe for the Harvest: Full Moon in Pisces

On September 16th  2016, the moon will enter the sign of Pisces.  The Harvest moon is the last moon of the summer, just prior to Autumnal Equinox. On top of the Full Moon in Pisces, We will experience a Lunar Eclipse. This Eclipse, a Penumbral, is the shadow of Earth the passing across the surface of moon, giving it a reddish tinge. It will not be visible for us in America as it will occur at 9:54amPDT/12:54amEDT While not the last lunar eclipse it will be the last Penumbral one until 2024. 

Lunar Eclipses, in astrology, provides greater insight into that part of the consciousness of the planet that’s being eclipse. For example, the lunar eclipses may make you very aware of some concern or issue, in this case with regard to your needs.

Pisces is a mutable water sign that is both spiritual and intuitive. It is seeks to unify the realms of the unconscious states and spiritual concerns with consensus reality and day to day living.  With the Moon’s emphasis upon needs (food, security, and emotional support), the Full Moon in Pisces seeks to bring spiritual yearning in alignment to ones practical needs. What will feed your body and your soul?  Full Moons will give rise to such concerns, often through the devices of fantasy and dreams at this time.

The difficult part of this next three days is that so much will be occurring during this transit. Mercury retrograde is still in effect and will hamper efforts at communication and plans. The Retrograde will directly oppose the moon so expect conflicts between what you actually need and what you think you need. Then Jupiter will be in direct opposition to the moon, enhancing the type of choice one needs to sort through. Neptune, Pisces ruling planet will also be involved, with its mystery and mystical powers further complicating matters.  
The proverbial silver lining in that Jupiter tends  to lend a easy going, mellow energy to whatever planet  it interacts with, taking away some of the more agitated aspect from the proceedings. And, with Jupiter in the sign Libra, a balancing, sociable energy should help round out the transit.

Because Pisces can be a very sensitive and emotional sign, the next few days may touch upon a variety feelings related to your needs. Because the moon will be in conjunction with Neptune in Pisces, it will strengthen those feeling even more. Neptune, which is the planet that creates Pisces, in conjunction with the Moon in Pisces, will affect an almost super Pisces energy, making for a more intense time than we normally get from a standard Full Moon.

While Full Moons are often incredibly productive times to most endeavors, this Full Moon may prove a little tricky. The combination of the mystifying, confusing influence of Neptune, the instability of lunar eclipse and the chaotic energy of Mercury in retrograde may make September 16th-18th somewhat crazy. Focus upon ongoing endeavors and, where possible, involve yourself into matters that offer a chance at personal restoration or repairs to some area of your life. Grounding physical activities could prove helpful also. Again, do not seek to initiate new project if you can help it as you’ll encounter resistance from the current retrograde.

This particular Full Moon is good time with regard to divination and spiritual practices. Pisces is known for its strong intuitive forces and coupled with the Moon, the planet that governs psychic and psychic phenomena, the insights and esoteric knowledge to be obtain at this time may prove supremely help. Neptune also governs healing, mystical and spiritual experiences, so such workings might prove quite productive.  

Pisces, these next three days may provide revelations’ on matters that could improve your quality of life and state of mind.  The flood of information may at times prove overwhelm and considerable, but if you dwell upon those matters true to your needs, you may find this period very rewarding.

Virgo, this an auspicious time to touch base with yourself and determine what you really need. Make the most of this period to do a little internal exploration. Because this moon is has a strong intuitive bent, let allow yourself be guided to the fulfillment of those needs rather than actively pursuing them.  Don’t be surprised if you are already on a the path to answering such questions.
Gemini’s and Sagittarians, This Moon may bring up many emotions for you, some that might be at odds with one another. Your task at this time is not to dwell upon any specific one but to consider the ones that are most reoccurring. They will be the indication of what needs you may possibly have ignored and should be addressing, especially after the retrograde, which ends on Sept 21/22nd

The Harvest Moon, with its reddish hue may offer many ways to help you get your needs met. As you peer into the Pisces Moon, consider the ways to secure and attain that which feeds you.

Aeion is a professional astrologer and tarot card reader with 20 years of experience. His approach is based in the belief that divination should be in employed to enhance ones' life experiences, not to predetermine them. Let Astrology and Tarot be your tools for better living.