Paint it Black:Black New Moon in Libra

While having a very exotic title, Black Moons are pretty much a basic New Moon in astrology, a time of completion and renewal.  The black moon is the second new moon in a calendar moon, next occurring October 21 2017. While it is rare to have more than one New moon in a month, the current Black Moon is the byproduct of having two full moons in September (the Thursday the 1st and Friday 16th )The new moons is the moon at its wane, when it’s light can barely be seen and the black is no exception, exhibiting faint light.

In astrology, New Moons are times for completion of ones efforts and readying oneself for the next lunar cycle.  Finishing projects, concluding outstanding business and determining the effectiveness of previous efforts are good uses of New Moon energies. You are also encouraged to get good rest at this time and attend to your basic needs of yourself and your loved ones (Libra is concerned with relationships).  This is a good time for socializing and low key activities that let you recharge you batteries. A good spa day or quiet dinner with friends might be just the ticket.

Libras, direct you attention to any unfinished task. Give such work a once over and, if it is possible, complete it. Mars’ recent entry into Capricorn may urge compulsive action, but work more to be methodical and patient in your endeavors.

Aries, if you have been working very hard recently, here is a perfect opportunity for break time. Should you need to, seek recharge and refuel yourself. The days leading up to the next full moon should offer ample time for advancement, but save your strength in the meanwhile.

Cancer and Capricorn, this Moon may direct your attention to some matter you neglected of recent past. You may feel a strong need to address the problem, but work in preparation resolve the matter after The New Moon in over is three days (October 3).

Marvel in the rare phenomena of the Black moon, keeping in mind it is the chance to get your affairs in order. Attend to basic needs in light of the opportunities to come.

Aeion is a professional astrologer and tarot card reader with 20 years of experience. His approach is based in the belief that divination should be in employed to enhance ones' life experiences, not to predetermine them. Let Astrology and Tarot be your tools for better living.