Down to it:Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

Mercury Retrograde will begin on Tuesday, August 30th 2016 at 9:04am EDT/6:04am PDT.  It will spend the majority of the transit in the sign of Virgo, meaning that you’ll likely experience much of its effects in one area of your life. Depending upon the house that Virgo occupies in your natal chart, that particular area is where you are likely to do the most work at this time.It ends on Thursday September 22nd 1:30 am EDT and Wednesday 21 10:30 PDT.

Virgo and Gemini are the two signs that are governed or under the direct influence of the planet, Mercury.  As Gemini (Air) is the abstract part of Mercury, representing ideas, concepts, and mental exchanges, Virgo (Earth) represents thought applied with pragmatic, practical approach to the physical world. Stickler for rules, Virgo is able break things down to their components, determining how they work and what ways will make them work better.

We begin this Mercury retrograde with powerful configuration of planets or what is known as a stellium. In conjunction are the planets Mercury, Venus and Jupiter (28° and 27° respectively). Giving the confusion that often results from the beginning of a retrograde, having the planets that govern Thought (Mercury), Feeling (Venus) and Expansion (Jupiter) together may produce other conflicts in addition to just the retrograde itself. This may cause the initial days of the retrograde to be somewhat chaotic. You are encouraged to adopt a “go with flow” approach at this time, accepting that much may be out of your direct control.

Mercury Retrogrades are times of reflection and review, where one is encouraged to reexamine important past issues. During the transit, your daily routines may be shaken up; you may encounter mental challenges, or be required to make some alternate plans regarding some daily matters.  Expect to be distracted and made to improvise a great deal into the coming weeks.   You may find unpredictability and randomness to be the order of the day.

This transit will ask that you re-examine and re-evaluate some important questions of your life. Determine where you’ve allowed rote, mechanical thinking to supplant your intuition or sense of spontaneity. You may possibly revisit a past experience in service to fostering an exciting new one.  Remember, Retrogrades are not the time to initiate new endeavors, but review past ones.  The information  you uncover from revisiting the bygone matters will serve you in good stead in weeks following the end of the transit on September 22nd

Mercury retrogrades are notorious for their effect upon devices of planning and communication. Telephones, computers, written message and contracts may experience problems during its passage.  Try not to initiate new projects or make commitment wherever possible at this time. Keep your focus upon existing concerns instead. In light of this transit it might be in your best interest to get a second opinion or an outside observer to help review your work. Reach out to those you trust and support your research with another set of eyes.

Virgos, This retrograde is not about what you need to do, but about what have you not yet done.  It will ask you to look back upon previous efforts, determining if they can help you in the future. Rediscoveries you’ll make in the coming weeks may feed and renew concerns you are truly passionate about.

Pisces, at this time, expect important breakthroughs to occur, especially with regards to your personal plans. Rather than choosing a specific course, allow yourself to explore a variety of possibilities. Once the retrograde ends you’ll possess a wide array of knowledge that will help you make best the possible choice in service to your plans.  Let your internal cues provide the answer you will need.

Gemini’s and Sagittarians, This retrograde may ask you to revisit some past matter and to determine its importance to your future. Given the energies squaring your suns (Saturn in Sagittarius –Neptune in Pisces (10° -9°)), you may confront a dilemma that cannot be easily overlooked or ignored. Unraveling the knot that Mercury presents you with may prove highly productive, even cathartic.

In the next few weeks get in touch with your humanity, both acknowledging your frailties and allowing for a new perspectives.   Spend time in spiritual practices and creative endeavors during this period. Any creative projects should prove helpful and instructive at this time. You should dwell upon things that predate the retrograde and be mindful of starting any new works during this period.

Mercury Retrograde may provide answers to questions that honor the life you want to live. Listen to your inner truth and this transit may set you upon a course to an existence that is productive, bright and vigorous

Aeion is a professional astrologer and tarot card reader with 20 years of experience. His approach is based in the belief that divination should be in employed to enhance ones' life experiences, not to predetermine them. Let Astrology and Tarot be your tools for better living.