Pink Moon:Full Moon in Scorpio

Tonight’s Full Moon is one of transition and changes, especially to your desires and urges. Scorpio is a force of transformation and renewal and given that it currently influences the planet(in astrology the moon is considered a planet) that governs needs, This Moon may find you doing a bit of internal spring cleaning. It is time to change your diet? Your lifestyle? What do you need to feel empowered and secure.

Coinciding with Earth day Festivities, This Pink Moon(as it’s called) urges us to pinpoint that is toxic or disingenuous to our true nature and purge it from our being. In the next day or so, let the constructive messaging from your subconscious provide you with what is changing and what may need to be changed. Address your needs, feed your hungers and explore important secrets that may provide greater self-knowledge and enlightenment. Scorpio full moons churn up things we are often uncomfortable with. But Scorpio brings such matters to the surface that we may put them to rest and proceed in a whole, new healthier way. Seek to embrace that is, invigorating and fertile over that which is stagnant and sterile.