Long Way Round:Mercury Retrograde in Aqurius/Capricorn

On Tuesday January 5 at 8:05am Eastern Time and 5:05am Pacific Time Mercury will begin a retrograde motion in the sign of Aquarius (at 1°). In the following weeks 
it will transit back to 14 degrees in the sign of Capricorn. It will then go direct on January 25 4:50 pm Eastern Time and 1:50 pm Pacific Time.  So wherever you have Aquarius/Capricorn in your chart, there'll be a need for some reflection and review.  This Retrograde can be very demanding as are any retrogrades that begins in one sign and end in another.

The start of this retrograde, in Aquarius, will draw your attention to matters that you are hoping to bring to fulfillment. You'll be asked to honor your past ideals and figure out how to incorporate them into your future plans. At this time, to make the most of this energy, examine expectations and prepare to make radical changes to your life. Keep in mind, retrogrades are times of review, not initiation. Real change should be made after the transit ends on January 25th..

Mercury, moving into Capricorn on January 9, may confront you with a new set of problems. What needs repair restoration or removal in your life? Revisit your most important commitments and designs and decide how well they are serving you. Evaluation and re-evaluation are the best actions you can take at this time. This Retrograde provides you with the opportunity to turn some area of your life around and make it better. The hard part is that any really changes will need to wait until the retrograde is over. This may be difficult given Capricorn's earth based, get it done nature.

Sun Sign Capricorns or people with strong Capricorn placements, preparation to advance plans and ambitions will be well served at this time with the caveat that you work with what is already before you. Pluto, which is current in your sign, has the potential of causing you to over commit yourself in time and energy. Select your endeavors and projects carefully and work towards solutions that can be achieved over the long haul.
Sun Sign Cancers and those with strong Cancer placements, this transit may urge a feeling of isolation and an intently inward view. Given the strong Capricorn placement confronting your sun (Pluto, Sun) it's a good time to search your feeling about important life concerns and whether they need redress or not. If so, after the retrograde, seek to make changes.
Sun Libras and Aries, This retrograde, coupled with Pluto current placement in Capricorn, may ask you to work on some long standing issue or problem that is hindering you. It’ll demands that you address some old problem you've avoided or overlooked.  But, given the potential rewards and gains you stand to make, you should be mindful of attending to the matter. Again, seek to make corrections once the retrograde has concluded

About this time I discuss the more theatrical elements of Mercury retrograde. Because it is the reversal of course of the planet that symbolizes communication, thoughts and planning, it can alter such efforts, postponing and delaying them. Because it affects spoken communications, written text, email messages, etc expect challenges when sharing information. Mercury, which also governs short range travel, so it might throw you a few curves in terms of journeys and trips so you are advised to be patience with any travel setbacks. In fact, patience and humor are often the best way to negotiate any retrograde. Spend time in spiritual practices and creative endeavors during this period. Any creative project such as music, visual art and theater should helpful at this time with and eye towards preexistent works.

This retrograde should help clear the path to a restorative and reinvigorating place in your life. Connect with your vision and ambitions and work to make them come to life.

Aeion is an professional astrologer and tarot card reader with 20 years of experience. His approach is based in the belief that divination should be in employed to enhance ones' life experiences, not to predetermine them. Let Astrology and Tarot be your tools for better living.