Full Moon in Cancer 2015

The Cold Moon or the last full Moon of 2015 may find you touching base with all the important concerns of the holiday season. Cancer, concerned with family, sentiments and nostalgia, will highlight such concerns With emotions and emotional attachments being this moon's major focus, you are urge to engage in activities that are grounding and centering (food,spiritual rituals,  physical rest, etc)  For our Aries and Libra friends, accentuate the positives as this moon may present you with intense feelings and passions. Cancers and Capricorn should mindful of you expectations, Holiday pressures and planning are considerable enough without the influence of this moon so be mindful of what really matters; family, friends fun and festivities. Perfectionism may work against your peace and that of your loved ones. In general, If you lack for family and festivities, wherever possible produce them. Be constructive and use the Capricorn sun's  energy  to make the most of this time.  Full Moons, again, are times of completions and as this is the end of the year, take stock of what you have and what you want and think of how you can pursue them. The Moon also governs psychic energy and intuition, which makes this a good time to perform divination and to reflect on Matter of the past and pending . Recognize your needs and use the power of this full moon to help you get in touch with your needs.