On The Other Hand:Mercury Retrograde in Libra

On Thursday, September 17th 2015 at 11:04am PDT/ 2:04 EDT Mercury will begin it retrograde motion into the sign of Libra, moving backward to the first quadrant or decan of the sign of Libra (literally 00 degree in Libra). It will continue this movement till the 9th of  October when it will then go direct as of 8:49 am PDT/ 10:49am EDT.

Libra, whose ruling planet is Venus, Is a sign that seeks personal understand and self enlightenment through interactions with others. Diplomats of the Zodiac, they are a sign that is other directed, modelling and comparing their own behavior through the lens or actions of others. The need for compatibility and companionship can be very important to this sign, promoting in them an observant, adaptive disposition.to others. As seekers of community over conflict, Librans will often avoid confrontations and intense emotional matters rather then dealing with such concerns head on.
In this light, the upcoming Mercury retrograde in Libra may have a bit of a Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde quality, particularly where Libras are concerned. The urging of the next three weeks are for those of candor, directness and assertiveness. This is a time to correct issues relating to personal boundaries, seeking to restore integrity and repairing slights you've sustained to your self esteem.

With Pluto in Capricorn Square to Mercury and Uranus in Aries in direct Opposition, the entry to this transit will be a time of revealing secrets and making radical changes. In light of this, the upcoming weeks might prove little rough going.
For our Libra friends, telling the truth and expressing how you truly feel may not be the most comfortable thing but the alternatives may prove worst if you resist Mercury's pull. And with Pluto's influence at work, key revelations may come out despite your best efforts. to suppress them And, with Uranus making radical changes at this time, operating with honesty and genuineness may prove both cathartic and refreshing.

Aries, this is a time to consider the needs your of partners and significant others. What are they saying? What might they have to say? Listening to those you are closest to you may be the most important use of this transit. Wherever possible, repair and restore connections with friends,loved ones, business partners, etc in an effort to reaffirming close ties and strengthen bonds you hold to them. Since Uranus is producing erratic changes at this time, reconciliation and maintenance of vital relationships will help you weather some of what Uranus may bring you at this time.

Sun sign Cancers and those with strong Cancer placements, this retrograde might reveal truths that are important  for you to face. At this time endeavor to resolve such matters with personal bravery and using intuitive gifts grant you liberation and restoration. Pluto's Opposition to your Sun may have unearthed old wounds. Let this retrograde help you to heal them.

Capricorn, you've been dealing with the assertive energies of Pluto for some time now and are probably well aware of outstanding issues that need to be fixed. This retrograde should prove somewhat helpful by giving you chances to review, scrutinize and re-examine troubling matters. Make adjustment accordingly.

In general, recognize your circumstances and embrace them with the understanding that it's time to create new models, purge old useless patterns and strive for clarity, particularly with regards relationships. The retrograde with it's current alignment to Libra, The Cardinal Air sign(Logic), will impact strongly upon one's ability to reason and rationalize, so be careful how you seek to execute plans in the next 3 weeks. Arguments and personality conflicts should avoided unless the can be resolved in constructively and to mutual benefit.

A constant feature of any retrograde is the transit's ability to play havoc the products of Mercury (Thoughts, Communication short term travel). Thus Phones, computers, contracts, message maybe affected. Written communication, plans, memos, papers and contract can also fall sway to the trickster forces of this planet. You are urged to cultivate a combination of patience, humor and acceptance to Mercury's caprices. Learning to embrace the imperfection of our humanity is one of chief aims of the transit.

Retrogrades are primarily periods for review towards long standing matters or issues that need resolution. Be mindful of initiating or beginning new projects at this time. Mercury retrograde places it's emphasis on what has needed to be done and not what is the next step. If you must begin some new endeavor, try to incorporate existing materials into the new efforts.

Retrograde tends to  endorse activities that employ more right brain processes. Art and creativity, especially reworking old ideas or ongoing concerns in tend to go well. Activities that put you in touch with yourself like meditation and spiritual practices are effective ways of working with the reversed energies of Mercury.

Achieving balance and reviewing personal concerns can make this Retrograde a very productive time. you should allow yourself to express and act upon true feelings in service to finding balance and your emotional center. Sometimes, it is necessary to upset the balance in order to bring things into proper alignment

Aeion is an professional astrologer and tarot card reader with 20 years of experience.  His approach is based in the belief that divination should be in employed to enhance ones' life experiences, not to predetermine it. Let Astrology and Tarot be your tools for better living.