To Thy Own Self be True:Mercury Retrograde in Gemini

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini can be a very demanding transit. Anytime a planet enters the sign it rules (or it Rulership) it increase the power and effects of that planet. As it is travelling in reverse, it enhances contradictory aspects of the planet.  Gemini, which is one of the signs of planet Mercury, will magnify the retrograde, making it effects strong and intense. The retrograde, which begins on Monday, May 18 at 6:43pm PDT/9:43pm EDT and ends June 11 2015 at 3:28 PDT/ 6:28 EDT, will be just such a transit. It may require a great measure of patience and good humor to get through it. Where ever you have Gemini in your chart, you may find yourself intently evaluating some past concern. This may serve as a time of revelations and epiphanies’ crucial in resolving those concerns. Mercury elicits a level of candor and honesty at times is somewhat uncomfortable. But this transit employs truth in service to healing and problem solving. At this time seek to review matters with a measure of clarity, honesty and self-awareness.

The potential to over think or speculate is something you’ll need to watch for in this transit. Sorting things out, getting to the point and keeping things simple may be the best way to navigate this retrograde. Remember, Retrogrades are not periods to initiate new activities but opportunities to clarify if your actions with regards to current and previous ones. Honor your ideals and strive for positive critique and reality checks.  For Sun Sign Gemini’s, old crisis or issues may come to the forefront and ask you to address them. Embrace ideas that prove most constructive to your life. For Sun Sign Sagittarius', this is a time to get facts. Don’t operate off of old assumptions but seek out your truth. What do see for yourself and your life at this time?
For you other Mutable signs (Pisces, Virgo), be adaptive and willing to explore new ways of seeing and thinking. Issues that occur at this time may seem daunting, even downright bafflingly, but this retrograde (which will square your suns) should offer perspective and chances for growth and personal development
Because it is the reversal of the planet that governs communication, thoughts and planning, it can create challenges and difficulties in those areas. Communications, spoken, written and recorded (text, email. voice messages, etc) can become confused, misunderstood or misinterpreted. To avoid these complications, work towards communicating simply with a measure of repetition.  Mercury in this state can confound written contracts, electronic gadgets and even our nervous systems. As you make your way through this transit, engage in a pratical, grounded, approach to problem solving. At this time you should expect challenges regarding travel and short trips, so allow for extra time and delays. Creative projects, especially performance and visual art, generally go well during retrogrades as Mercury encourages expressing ones’ true feelings.  Spiritual and metaphysical practices may prove helpful as well.
Mercury Retrograde in Gemini’s purpose is to provide a second chance to review our actions and determine if they are true to our ideas and philosophies. As you re-examine past concerns, strive to be true, to your innermost self.