Lunar Eclipses April 4 2015

Eclipses, in Astrology, provide moments of revelation. They involve the clashing of Conscious (Sun) and Unconscious (Moon) in ways that can be both demanding and difficult. As the two planets cross each other’s path, they can produce dramatic effects. This Pink Moon (Full Moon in Libra) will be especially dramatic. Colored blood red at turns, this Libra Full moon will transit our skies during high holy days for the religions Christianity and Judaism. As with any Lunar Eclipse, this transit focuses upon urges, needs and emotional demands. As the chief energy of this moon is Libra, relationships, both personal and professional, will be emphasized. The need to express emotion in your personal relationships may play a pivotal role. One of the helpful aspects of Libra is that it tends to lend a measure of detachment to the transits it’s involved in. Get things off your chest; communicate with loved ones how you really feel about some important matter. It could also prove a productive time to explore your feelings about some outstanding personal issue.
Keep in mind, eclipses tend to stir up strong feelings and point out what are true needs. So for the next three days, seek to be patience, fair and understanding as you search for remedies to emotional concerns. As Venus is the ruler for Libra, this is a great to begin or conclude creative endeavors. It could also enhance holiday celebrations, placing the emphasis on compassion,  familial bonds and gathering in pleasant setting. For Aries, be willing to express deep emotions to affirm your personal bonds. For Libras, This may be an excellent time to tend to you own affairs, even spending time in seclusion, allowing you to focus upon your own feelings rather than those others. 

Lunar eclipses rouse deep passion and spotlight your needs. Let this Libra Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse bring emotional balance and show you how to fulfill your needs