I Can See Clearly Now: Mercury Retrograde in Pisces/Aquarius

On February 6th 2014, Mercury will go retrograde, beginning in the sign of Pisces(1:43/4:43pm PST/EST),  It will transit to the house of Aquarius, where it will remain for the rest of the month of February, concluding it's retrograde motion on the 28th at 6:00/9:00am PST/EDT. So wherever you have Pisces/Aquarius in your chart there'll be a need for some reflection and review.  This Retrograde will be a very challenging as it starts in one sign and end in another.

This particular retrograde will be greatly influenced by two planets; Neptune and Uranus. Neptune (Pisces' Ruler),which governs such things as dreams and spirituality and  Uranus(ruler Aquarius) which governs imagination and ingenuity , will draw your attention to matters that you hope to bring to fulfillment. Depending upon where the planets fall in your chart, following your beliefs and and honoring your ideals will figure prominently at this time. These planets, coupled with the retrograde  will ask you if your current life is in keeping with your hopes and dreams.  Take the time to re-examine your beliefs and expectations. Retrogrades' ask one to reconcile previous thinking in light of current observations and this one will urge restoring or re-affirming your faith in a core belief. Remember, Retrogrades are times of review, not initiation. This month isn't a time to starting a radical new health regimen. It is the time to wonder if March is the time to start a new health regimen   The heady effects of this transit may make it difficult to remain grounded but strive to do so. Keeping your eye focused upon clear, achievable goals  and objectives may help. Invest your time in purging or clearing out  useless items and clutter, both material and mental. Wherever you place your faith, be guided by it and the intuitive voices that accompany it.  The three “R” of this period should be renew, re-establish and resurrect.

For early Sun sign Pisces', connect with your roots. Address issue of faith and weed out that which isn't true to who you really are. For late Sun Virgos, you may get a little kick in the pants, whose purpose is to urge you to fulfill a past dream or hope. For late to middle Sun Aquarius', reconciliation with some aspect of your identity is important at this time.  Strive to be that you always wanted to be in some area of your life. Early to middle Sun Leos, If your seeking to change your life for the better, this retrograde will show you what you've overlooked or what maybe need to do to get it right.

About this time I discuss the more theatrical elements of Mercury retrograde. Because it is the reversal of course of the planet that symbolizes communication, thoughts and planning, it can alter such efforts, postponing and delaying them . Because it affects spoken communications, written text, email messages, etc expect challenges when sharing information. Mercury, which also governs short range travel, may throw you a few curves in terms of journeys and trips, so you are advised to be patience with any travel setbacks. In fact, patience and humor are often the best way to negotiate any retrograde. Spend time in spiritual practices and creative endeavors during this period. Any creative project such as music, visual art and theater should helpful at this time.  

This retrograde should help clear the path to a restorative and reinvigorating place in your life. Place your faith in your heart's true vision.