Grand Sextile

 So what about the Grand Sextile? What does it mean for you? Well this group of planetary aspects, that take the shape of hexagram  or Six pointed star,  is filled with potential for much growth and change in all our lives. Because it links two elements in astrology, in this case Earth and Water,  Earth Suns signs such as Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn and Water sun Signs such as  Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces will be directly affected as will anyone with planets in Earth or Water signs. What are those effects and how might you make the most of them? The beauty of Sextiles is that they encourage or harmonize talents or abilities related to the signs they happen to be working in. So given that Earth(material) and Water(emotional) are the emphasis of this transit, The Grand Sextile will promote and encourage the need for security, stability and balance in everyday affairs. If the past year has been chaotic for you, today and, to a lesser degree, the next few weeks will be about finding that which brings you security and confidence in challenging areas. In our world at large this configuration may bring resolution to long standing problems or set about to heal hurts from recent events. Keep in mind, like their fellow aspects, Trines, Sextiles are subtle and rarely produce the dramatic results people tend to associate with any Grand configuration or major astrological transitions. The best way to determine it's impact in your life is to see where on an material or emotional level you have the chance or the means to change some aspect of your life for the better. For you creative types, this may well be an excellent time to find the resources, courage or initiative to fulfill some endeavor or project. The Moon(in Taurus) which is one of the planets in the configuration of the Grand Sextile will only be part of the pattern intermittently, so know their will be times your feel it's power more directly than at others.