What do you need? Mercury Retrograde in Cancer

What do you need?

Beginning June 27th 2013 9;08 EDT/6:08 PDT  Mercury will begin it's retrograde in Cancer. The Sign of Cancer is responsible for nourishment , security , shelter, mothering, emotions and intuition or psychic  forces. Cancer's ruling planet, The Moon, creates fertility cycles of the earth and It's movements are the basis for our calendar, it's waxing and waning determining our months and weeks. This transit may emphasize concerns of meeting and fulfilling the needs in one's everyday life.

Mercury Retrogrades often asks us to reprioritize  and reconsider the area it passes through. So during this transit you may spend a great deal of time considering and accessing  what your needs are some area of your life. The retrograde may ask you to search your feelings and determine what you believe to be your most  important necessities.  Are you being served by what you do? Are your real needs being met? What do you hunger for?  Is it time to seek new sources of nurture and growth? 

Sun sign Cancer's and people with strong Cancer placement (planets or aspect) should be willing to let the rest of us in on what going on inside. Much like your ruling planet, the Moon, Sun sign Cancer's  can at times be very mysterious and enigmatic, so during this transit  speak your truth and work towards avoiding the miscommunications that often characterize this period. Honor your feelings and express your passions especially at this time.  For Sun Sign Capricorn's, prepare for revelations and rehabilitation of some past emotional concern.  Any attempt at avoidance may force the very confrontation your  seeking to hide from.

For all the others, In general,  address or resolve pending issues in an effort to make peace or resolve some emotional matter of your past.  While Cancer will urge not pressing on sensitive concerns,  delving into past issues  for the sake of resolution  and healing is the best use of this transit's energy.

Close, emotional relationships are very particularly susceptible to this transit, especially where sentiment or emotional memories are involved.  Former attachments or friends may appear at this time, providing opportunities to forge new bonds or heal old hurts

Because it is the reversal of course of the planet that symbolizes communication, thoughts and planning, Mercury Retrogrades can confound, postpone and delay activities. So if your gadgets, props and  positions are hindering your effort to get in touch with yourself, prepare for trickster Mercury to upset the apple cart and sending fruits scattering.  Because it affects all communications, at this particularly emotionally time, strive for clarity in all your messaging. Mercury influences short range travel, so expect the retrograde to throw you a few curves in daily traffic and any summer day trips. Patience and humor are often the best way to negotiate any of the retrograde's quirks so keep that in mind when the fax machine breaks down . Spending time in spiritual practices and creative endeavors with others may prove fruitful during this period. Seek activities that promote balance and emotional peace.  

If this retrograde has a slogan  it's Campbell's evocation to "follow your bliss" . Get back to that which truly drives you and feeds you. In the in the transit of Mercury Retrograde through Cancer find your emotional healing, balance and renewal