Full Moon in Sagittarius

May 24th, The full Moon will begin with a Penumbral Eclipse, Where the moon will partially fade and you'll see small portion (like a crescent moon). This Full Moon in Sagittarius, Third of three Lunar eclipses in a row, is what is know as a Supermoon. This full moon, will provide a source intense revelations, possible requiring you to travel or engage in an adventure that teaches you an important life lesson. For the next two days beware of strong impulses or compunction to act on a whim. This moon will instruct and inform you of some of your deepest needs but it has a element of fickleness that could have you questioning the very actions your engaged in. Full moons are better for completing efforts than starting them so regard any need that arises at this time as something overlooked rather than an urgent matter requiring immediate redress. May 25th may prove a good time to go out and play if you can, especially where Saggitarius' and Gemini's are concerned.