Lunar Eclipse 4_25_2013

The next three days are watershed moments with regards to the moment of the planets. We're still contending with that aggressive Saturn-Pluto square which will promote conflicts and struggles especially with regards to material concerns.  Tonight's partial Lunar eclipse (4:07EDT 1:07PDT)in Scorpio will grant you a glimpse into your unconscious needs and desires, making you very aware of them. The Venus-Pluto trine, which began yesterday, will enhance this effect, asking that you explore the subtext and ulterior motives of one's self and your intimates. The conjunction of Saturn and the moon may throw a wrench in how you might address these issues, encouraging rigidity and tentativeness, but it's effect will be short and fleeting. The sextile of Neptune to the Sun will urge healing and perspective to how you can address your underlying needs and desires.