This week begins a one of the most unique and rare planetary transits Called a Yod(Hebrew for finger of God), It is combination of two minor aspects(quincunx, 150' angle) and one major (Sextile, 60' angle). In astrology, it represents higher or divine wisdom begin direct to an earthly purpose, in this case Uranus in Aries(action) and Jupiter in Gemini (thought) are direct toward Saturn in Scorpio(material desires). This Yod may ask you to bring into being something you want or desire though visualize and direct action. Depending where these planet appear in your chart it maybe time to put your money where your mouth is, metaphorically speaking, and take action to make something happen, especially for you sun sign Aries, Gemini's and Scorpios. So, as the finger of god points toward you, what do you want to happen?