Full Moon in Leo

Full moon are times when we address our needs and when we are better able to intuit how we can best fulfill them. The upcoming Leo Full Moon may rouse passions or ask you assert yourself in some area, especially where your needs are concerned. Keep in mind, full moons are good time for starting projects and planning future endeavors and this full Moon in particular. For those with a Lunar personality(the moon being the highest elevated planet in your chart) or people with personal planets in Leo, Saturday and Sunday could perfect days to entertain or be entertained, boding well for romantic encounters. For those of you who have Planets in Aquarius, this might be just the weekend to tend to personal matters, letting your extended circles fend for themselves. For you Scorpios and Tauruses, this moon may ask you to address some long outstanding need, but if you take the time to work things out it may prove beneficial in the long run.

Full Moons can be erratic in the emotions they produce, especially coupled with fiery energy of Leo, so the potential to be moody or irritable may characterized this transit. All in all, take advantage of this full Moon to reconnect with the passion you need to feel alive.