Neptune in Pisces

In Astrology, when a planet enters the zodiac sign it's responsible for, it increases that planet's influence upon us.  On February 3rd, 2012, we'll experience this firsthand  as the planet Neptune enters Pisces, the sign its responsible for. Known as a rulership, Neptune's 14 years journey through the sign it rules will usher in an era filled with the promise of social redress, healing and restoration in systems of faith and belief.

Neptune  governs  both spirituality and mysticism, represented by such practices as shamanism, meditation, faith healing and channeling. Its energies are also the found in institutions like hospitals, relief agencies , religious centers and  prisons.  Keywords for Neptune are dreams, imagination,  empathy,  sacrifice, charity, secrets and delusions.  Given the length of this transit, some of the changes it'll produce are subtle and difficult to immediately recognize.

Pisces, the sign created by Neptune, reflects its idealist nature.  Gifted with empathy and psychic sensitivity,  Sun sign Pisces' are  adept healers, life coaches, mentors, and champions of social causes.  Often finding their idealism at odds with the status quo, people of this sign may at times may become moody, reclusive and brooding.  When greatly challenged they can slip into avoidance of responsibilities and engage in self destructive behavior. The motto for their sign is "I believe", borne of their considerable faith in life's possibilities.

The union of Neptune in Pisces will encourage actions that could  lead to the resolution of global conflicts and challenges . Look to this time for advances in medicine, especially in the areas of pharmaceuticals,  pain reduction, holistic practices and alternative healing. We may witness significant discoveries in psychotherapy/psychology with regard to dream analysis, hypnotherapy and group counseling.  This transit will help to heighten creativity,  fostering new trends in the arts. The rise of religious reforms, new religious beliefs, and cults may also occur at this time.

While Neptune in Pisces will urge you to fulfill your loftiest dreams, stay rooted in framework of realistic goals. The same Neptune that  provides illumination also produces illusions, so watch out for tilting with proverbial windmills.  The best approach towards achieving your ambitions  is to pursue them as  quests, being guided by your intuition and detached from the need of result.  During Neptune's periodic retrogrades (late  summer or  early fall), review your successes along the path. Be aware that the effects of outer planets, like Neptune, can be hard to detect so don't expect some dramatic event to announce a course change. Like a great whodunit, Neptune is more likely to leave clues than to reveal the surprise ending prematurely.

For Sun sign Pisces and Moon in Pisces ,  your may  life to take on a new intensity and urgency during this period.  Wherever possible allow events to unfold rather than to initiate them as it will often be to your benefit. This transit may require sacrifices of you but focus upon gains rather than losses.

To the Sun sign  Virgos and Moon in Virgo, you'll be pressed to embrace your life's calling. Neptune won't make your task easy but will provide the means to fulfill it.  At times,  Neptune might  appear to commandeer your efforts , but if you brave the challenges,  this transit will help you accomplish your greatest successes.

As Neptune travels through the sign of it rulership, Pisces,  it will  assist us in resolving past conflicts, imparting wisdom and offer reflection upon what is most important in life.  As a source compassion, hope, enlightenment and understanding, Neptune in Pisces will ask you to help make the world a better place.