Back to where you once belong: Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius

In terms of zodiac, Sagittarius represents the part of being that seeks wisdom through direct experience. When coupled with Mercury in a retrograde station, we are ask to review those experiences in depth and determine their significance to our lives. During the course of this transit, running around or into some past choice, decision or option may play a major role.  Don’t expect this exploration to be some cool, detached speculation but a passionate engagement meant to wring answers from long standing questions. The following weeks may offer the opportunity to explore some past concern in order to abandon or integrate it.

Follow intuitive cues and work toward rehabilitating some prior concern. Both Mercury and Sagittarius will encourage a new, vigorous approach but channel those energies towards strengthen or reinforcing past efforts and projects. Retrogrades produce periods of reflection and review crucial to gaining perspective and objectivity. This retrograde will ask you to rekindle something you deemed lost or unworkable, so  you’re invited to tear into old scrapbooks, get back to some neglected project and revive some long lost dream or desire.

Where ever Sagittarius figures in your birth chart (whether planets or houses) you’ll need to look back upon some important concern in service to making it count towards the future. Mercury in Sagittarius is notorious for jumping to conclusion so get all the fact before taking a rash course of action. For those of you with planets in Gemini, this is a time for reviewing elements of the past before you can make some important move forward.  As always, retrogrades tend to delay or defer plans, affect electronics and even basic communications so humor and patience are key at these times.