Clusters of Planets

With the Sun's Air Trine to Saturn, We'll see an easing of  labors that the Sun in Taurus threw at you. But with the personal planets (Venus, Mercury and Mars) hot on the Sun's heels, the next few days may urge an continuation of the slow but steady approach in thoughts, feelings and actions. The other cluster of planets, Jupiter, Uranus and the Moon, all in Aries, will ask you to look outside of your immediate needs to see new things on the horizon. 

While this the Air conjunction or grouping  of won't last long, the next day or so may find you conflicted about what you need in your life and what you don't. Pluto and Saturn, both retrograde, will call into question relationships and even the structure of your day to day routines. But if you can, avoid radical changes for the fine trine will give you,  sparing you a major lifestyle makeover. In all matters at this time let efficiency and balance be your watchwords.